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Joke - A knights tale

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Joke Id: 294

Joke Title: A knights tale

In days of olde there was a king who had a court jester, a dwarf, standing just over three feet tall. The dwarf was an extremely good jester and the king promised that he would give the dwarf anything the jester might desire.

The dwarf replied, "Sire, more than anything else I would like to be made a knight. Then I may go on quests and experience the wonderful adventures of a knight-errant."

The king was upset, but, having promised a boon, he must honor his promise. The dwarf could not possibly sit a warhorse, so his steed was a Saint Bernard (or maybe a Great Dane). After the dubbing and vigil, the new knight started on his first quest, although the weather had deteriorated and was a combination blizzard and sleet storm.

All day long Sir Dwarf kept searching for adventure and his poor mount suffered from cuts on his frozen paws. As the day ended, they came upon an inn. The Innkeeper welcomed them and provided supper, but because the inn was truly overbooked, he advised the knight that no rooms were available.

But the dog's paws were bleeding, and the weather had turned even worse. So the Innkeeper told Sir Dwarf that he could stretch out on the floor under the table for the evening. "After all," he said "I couldn't send a knight out on a dog like this."

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