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Joke - Tangled Proverbs

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Joke Id: 12

Joke Title: Tangled Proverbs

Cleanliness gets the grease.

Curiosity is its own reward.

A rolling stone killed the cat.

The squeaky wheel catches the worm.

An apple a day is worth two in the bush.

A friend in need finds work for idle hands to do.

The meek smell after three days.

Fish and guests and a good woman shall inherit the earth.

What's good for the goose can't hurt you.

The early bird flies when you are having fun.

Dead men spoil the broth.

Too many cooks are soon parted.

Flattery makes Jack a dull boy.

One hand makes waste.

Two heads is good for the gander.

A woman's work is in the eye of the beholder.

The devil loves company.

God makes the world go round.

Loose lips is the best policy.

Virtue gathers no moss.

The good can't be choosers.

The road to hell is a bowl of cherries but doesn't pay.

A bird in the hand is another man's poison.

What you don't know can't win them all.

Blood is only skin deep.

Misery isn't over until the fat lady sings.

The best things in life flock together.

Beggars should not throw stones.

A dog moves in mysterious ways.

Every good boy deserves another.

Ignorance is the spice of life.

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