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Joke - Top 12 least favorite Christmas Plays

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Joke Id: 34

Joke Title: Top 12 least favorite Christmas Plays

12. A Christmas Story featuring Manger Cam!

11. There's a Star in the Sky. No Wait. There's a Hole in Our Roof.

10. WE'RE GONNA DIE!!!: A Shepherds Account of the Angel's Announcement

9. The story of the Donkey with the Wet Hacking Cough

8. The Three Wise Men and their List of Grievances

7. There's No Room at the Inn. The End.

6. The night the Animals Talked and pretty much remembered their Lines.

5. Follow the Star and bring a Covered Hot Dish to Share.

4. Our Christmas Play, brought to you by the wonderful folks at Disney!

3. The Rappin' Lil Drummer Boy -- Yo Dog

2. The Gift of Christmas really IS Jesus -- DDDUUUUHHH

1. Four Calling Birds Atttack Aunt Ruthie

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