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Joke - Top 13 bad gifts for your Pastor or Priest or Mnister

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Joke Id: 32

Joke Title: Top 13 bad gifts for your Pastor or Priest or Mnister

13. The "Left Behind" Series "Practical Survivors Guide."

12. A Monopoly Acts Chapter 16 "Get out of jail free" card.

11. A "Begats" Family Tree Chart.

10. A Christian Supply House "Woman At the Well" water cooler.

9. A Gospeland Bookstore Fourth Watch Baptistry swimsuit.

8. Golf Club Covers with the 12 Disciples' Faces on Them.

7. The Damascas Road Auto-fog Light. (It'll blind ya.)

6. A bobble-head statue of the apostle Paul for the back of his car.

5. A LifeWay Dead Sea Bathroom Deodorizer.

4. An Official Cokesbury Hellfire and Brimstone Backyard Grill.

3. A half-size replica of the Popemobile.

2. A rooftop hot tub.

And the Sermon Fodder Number One Bad Christmas Gift for Your Pastor...

1. Frankincense Aftershave

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