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Joke - What does a turkey say?

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Joke Id: 31

Joke Title: What does a turkey say?

What does a turkey say? "Gobble, gobble, gobble"? .... Not always!

A jewelry-lovin' turkey? "Bauble bauble bauble"

A dyslexic turkey say? "Boggle boggle boggle"

A turkey in the shoe repair shop say? "Cobble cobble cobble"

A turkey with a sore leg say? "Hobble hobble hobble."

A football turkey say? "Huddle, huddle, huddle"

A dieting turkey: "Nibble, nibble nibble."

A one-legged Cockney turkey "'Obble 'obble 'obble"

A turkey who argues a lot: "Squabble squabble squabble."

What does Dr. Seuss' turkey say? "Tweedle beetle paddle battle puddle wobble hobble gobble."

Then there was the dizzy Turkey who just went: "Wobble wobble wobble!"

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