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1Shopping Spree
2Pricing an Operation
3How old do you want to live?
4Anniversary Gift
5Docters Operation
6The zoo a tortoise and WHOOSH!
7Top Ten reasons men should join the church choir
8An Archeological Dig
9All I Need To Know I Learned on the Cattle Range
10Saving it for my kids
11Dont Turn that off! ...I'm watching it.
12Tangled Proverbs
13Candy and men
14The meaning of dreams
16Bribe the Judge?
17Change Flights
18Get time off from work
19A cracker and duck
20Getting into Heaven
21Hardware store
22The importance of writing thankyou notes
23My legs broke Doc.
24Running away from home
25My Grandpa has a wooden Leg...
26Tell the truth to a Lawyer
27Indian Scout
28Turn it over
29Football & Woman
30A multimillionare parking his car
31Why Jesus is better than Santa
32What does a turkey say?
33Top 13 bad gifts for your Pastor or Priest or Mnister
34I prayed for a red wagon
35Top 12 least favorite Christmas Plays
36Verge n Mary
37Polite people stink
38If lawyers are disbarred....
39Just Do It
40Star Spangled Banner
41That Newsletter
42Dogs & Cats
43Goliath is found!
44A baptist dog
45Two Social Workers
46Christmas Tongue Twisters
47The Perfect Man
48Funny Newspaper Ads
49Weapons of math Instruction
50Whats your favorite flower?
51Joggers Route
52I'd feel like my aunt was here
53Answering Machine Messages
54Tell Tale Signs You Have Nothing To Do At Work...
55The Truth about Thanksgiving
56Thanksgiving movies
57The good of knowing 4 languages
58GOD! I'm waiting!
59Boyscout survival
60Whats that sound?
61Signs your SUV is to big
62Some points to ponder
64What do you do during offfice hours?
6510 Ways to tell your internet connection is slow.
66Whats in the truck?
67Chaper 11
68Q: How does a home schooler change a light bulb?
69I have some good news and some bad news
7024 hrs to live...
71I'm so tough...
72A widow
73A blonde was driving down a highway
74Why did the chicken cross the road?
75I tell myself how beautiful I am.
76I need a push
77The Bear Family
78Hockey Injury
79I'm not lost
80I know your password
81What software do you use?
82A day in the Senate
83How many bulls do you have?
84Getting Older
85Upperclassmen and Freshman
86Fly another plane!
87I'm gonna be just like you Mommy!
88That was supposed to happen on your driveway!
89Kids' Kitchen Terms
90I yelled fore
91Is that a boy or a girl?
92Father & Son Moment
93What He Says vs What He Means
94A family member has fallen call 911!
95The road to salvation is bumpy?
96Fountains out of mole hills
97Checkout Redemption
98Actual Rules for Teachers (circa 1915)
99Office rules
100A recruit was marching out of step...



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