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100A recruit was marching out of step...
101Daddy can you do my homework?
102I dont get many visitors
103Upcoming TV shows, due to computers
104What a teacher says and what he or she really means
105Moter Bikes
106Stars & Stripes
107Three Parrots
108God knows when you lie!
109Women who hide their age
110You know you've had to much coffee when...
111Why does that cow not have horns?
112Making ends meet
113Him and Her
114A texan was touring London
115With Four Aces His Tail Is a Blur
116The Old Prospector
117You Know You Attend A Redneck Church When:
118Hello my name is Hans Schmidt.
119Remove before flight.
120Taste the soup!
121Paying bills
122The Cat
123Best Hunting Guide
124Car Rental Story
125I'll show you something really cool!
126Husband & Wife
127Glass Half Full?
128Interesting Fact about the English Channel
129Can you play your instrument?
130Are you saved?
131Well pray for you
132My toothbrush fell in the toilet...
133Funny Sports Commentary
134Couldnt biblical characters be recruited as hightech promoters?
135Satan's Apprenticeship Program
136Songs From The Hospital Hit Parade
137Whats the date?
138"For better or for Worse..."
13910 Signs you may not be reading your bible enough.
140I'm not being Sarcastic!
141Son, you are my pride and joy. Anything you want I will get for you...
142The windows will pay for themselves!
143The Image of a Mother over the years
144Things only a mother can teach
145Roe Vs Wade
146We can finally get the 1989 Cadillac!
147Reserved Parking
148A Sailors Story
149Mayonnaise & Cinco De Mayo
150Ice Fishing
151A defense attorney was cross examining...
152The difference between stop and slow down
153The Pigmy and the Dinosaur
154Interesting Definitions
155Another Army Story
156I'm Moving
157How do you know your way around the course?
158Cheating on tests
159In Texas you can...
160Reading on Vacation
161Anther Caddy Story...
162Young love
163How many lawyers does it take to change a lightbulb?
164What is that painting?
165Two Mice
166Rejected when Applying
167Rules for cutting your own firewood
168Naming your Cruise Control
169If you have a Headache...
170How to keep a teenagers mouth open.
171Can I read your Diary?
172I won Employee Of the Month!
173I called the Red Cross and...
174You know your intense when...
175Good News and Bad News
176A man who needed to get on an airplane.
177Things Flight Attendants have said
178Tips for going on a diet
179A lesson about cheating
180The Truth About Bread
181Do you Drink Coffee?
182Lets Flip for it...
183I wanna be a Surgeon
184Dog License
185How many sheep do you have?
186Are you Graduating soon?
187Cut yourself shaving?
1883 trips around the world
189I burned a hole in your suit...
190A man was walking home
191What Happened?
192What kind of Diaper should you buy?
193I know lots about Mozart!
194A boss tried to call his employee
195Do you swear?
196Reading Job Ads
197Advertising Terms Explained
198Didnt get the customer...
199New Diet!
200The legend of the bronze rat
201The kids at school don't like me!
202New RoboBarber!
203You Know You Are Addicted To Coffee If ...
204Paycheck Error
205Best Position to pray in.
206Broke my arm.
207Your no longer cool when...
208Losing weight.
209We need shovels!
210You must be a democrat!
211Signs that your President is Under qualified
212Check your heinz ketchup bottles!
213Military Wisdom
214What do you use YOUR sick days for?
215Gambling kills
216Some Quick Jokes
217Becoming a Teacher
218Buying Paint from an Airline
219Spell this backwards
220My lucky day
221Natural Selection of M&Ms
222Paper or Plastic?
224God's therapy
225Car Chase!
226The Midas Touch
227Silly Mailman
228Library Laughs
230REAL Police Quotes
231Who Moved?
233A problem with farting
234Two burgers please!
235You are a bad cook if...
236What are we doing?
237Sea Sick
238Becoming a lawyer
239On time
240Baseball is so good!
241The four stages of life...
242New Pilots
244New Pilots
246Not Even One Discipline Problem!
247Fender Bender
248The Mommy Test
249Texas & Tennessee
250Bank Robbery
251Student & Teacher Relationships
252I hate my neighbors!
253Fishing Trip
254A second child
255Only one God
256Wheres the Jewlry?
257Little Thoughts
258Take the Train
259Going Bananas!
260Lobster tales $5
261Women say twice as much... Its true.
262Engine Failure
263Drivers Permit Questions
264Real Questions asked at National Parks
265Family Problems
266Wacky Warning Labels
267Police Blotter
268She hit you with a maple leaf?!
269How do you make so much money?
270How many bricks did it take?
271I thought you knew where you were going!?
272Blonde Joke
273You know you work for the government when:
274Hope it lasts
275Eliminate Paper Clutter!
276Help my dog!
277Gunpowder in your oatmeal?
278Old Habits
279Truck Drivers and Motercycles
280Students who think fast
281I want to make my own rules!
282Pass it on
283A long walk
284Ice Cream makes you beautiful
286Holloween tricks
287Sink Or Swim
288Crap! I left the keys in the car!
289I love your hotel
290Golf Tips
291Jail time for cooking?
292Drinking and Speaking
293Blonde SkyDiving
294A knights tale
295Sugar Bowl
296Magic Tricks
297Go the extra mile
298Drivers Ed



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