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200The legend of the bronze rat
201The kids at school don't like me!
202New RoboBarber!
203You Know You Are Addicted To Coffee If ...
204Paycheck Error
205Best Position to pray in.
206Broke my arm.
207Your no longer cool when...
208Losing weight.
209We need shovels!
210You must be a democrat!
211Signs that your President is Under qualified
212Check your heinz ketchup bottles!
213Military Wisdom
214What do you use YOUR sick days for?
215Gambling kills
216Some Quick Jokes
217Becoming a Teacher
218Buying Paint from an Airline
219Spell this backwards
220My lucky day
221Natural Selection of M&Ms
222Paper or Plastic?
224God's therapy
225Car Chase!
226The Midas Touch
227Silly Mailman
228Library Laughs
230REAL Police Quotes
231Who Moved?
233A problem with farting
234Two burgers please!
235You are a bad cook if...
236What are we doing?
237Sea Sick
238Becoming a lawyer
239On time
240Baseball is so good!
241The four stages of life...
242New Pilots
244New Pilots
246Not Even One Discipline Problem!
247Fender Bender
248The Mommy Test
249Texas & Tennessee
250Bank Robbery
251Student & Teacher Relationships
252I hate my neighbors!
253Fishing Trip
254A second child
255Only one God
256Wheres the Jewlry?
257Little Thoughts
258Take the Train
259Going Bananas!
260Lobster tales $5
261Women say twice as much... Its true.
262Engine Failure
263Drivers Permit Questions
264Real Questions asked at National Parks
265Family Problems
266Wacky Warning Labels
267Police Blotter
268She hit you with a maple leaf?!
269How do you make so much money?
270How many bricks did it take?
271I thought you knew where you were going!?
272Blonde Joke
273You know you work for the government when:
274Hope it lasts
275Eliminate Paper Clutter!
276Help my dog!
277Gunpowder in your oatmeal?
278Old Habits
279Truck Drivers and Motercycles
280Students who think fast
281I want to make my own rules!
282Pass it on
283A long walk
284Ice Cream makes you beautiful
286Holloween tricks
287Sink Or Swim
288Crap! I left the keys in the car!
289I love your hotel
290Golf Tips
291Jail time for cooking?
292Drinking and Speaking
293Blonde SkyDiving
294A knights tale
295Sugar Bowl
296Magic Tricks
297Go the extra mile
298Drivers Ed
299Expensive Room Service
300She was so BLONDE...
301Clean Water
302Who signed the Declaration of Independence?
303Shave your beard
304I'm to young to die!
305A penny saved is...
306Are you wearing deodorant?
307Where are my boots?
308Trucking Interview
309Redneck 911 Call
310Blonde Horse Ride
311Good lawyer Vs Great lawyer
312In one ear out the other
313Three day pass
314What do you believe?
315Prinderella and the Cince
316Turn around now!
317Last present
318Who was that?!
319What are you writing?
320Doctors on Strike
321I hope I'm sick!
322Why dogs can't use computers
323What do you want your salary to be?
324Army Insurance
326Dog Love
327French Jokes
328Aoccdrnig to rsearech at Cmabrigde Uinervtisy
329NEWS: English the official language of Europe!
330Watch your step
331Violators will be toad.
332I have some good news!
333Catching up on sleep
334Funny Police Report
335Invisible Wife
336Hockey Injury
337Lost in Canada
338Dog ate my sermon
339Have a cookie
340Stupid Tourists
341Spell Checker Poem
342Funny Warning Labels
343Water the plants
344Fishing License
345Extreme Makeover
346Jesus is watching you!
347Bribe the Judge
349Lawyer Getting Into Heaven
350Blind Man In Texas
352Police Brutality
353Jail Mail
354Hare Spray
355Walking on Water
356What is sex?
357The Perfect Shot
358Florist's Mistake
359Drunk's Confessional
360Rednecks Drinking & Driving
361God Will Provide
362To Many Nerds
363Screwing all night
364Comments at your Funeral
365Don't Question the Bible
366If Microsft Made Cars
367The Sin of Lying
368Gate is broken
369Neighbors in Montana
370Golden Saloon
372Two kinds of people in the world
373Anything breakable?
374Trying to Find a Parking Space
375Good News!
376Trying to Find a Parking Space
377Good News!
378Trying to Find a Parking Space
379Good News!
380Amish Conserving Energy
381Who is God?
382A Fact of Life
383Quilts & Comforters
384How to be an Organist
385Husband gets it DOUBLE
386Floating in Air
387Interesting Golf Game
388Grown up Talk
3892 to 4 years
390Vice President approval
391Leaky Roof
392Teenage Checking Account
393Anniversary Gift
394Automated Phone Call
395Seen This?
396Time Management
397Abstract Nouns
398Survival in the Outdoors
400Accident Report
401Accounting Interview
403Russian Babies
404Advertising Lingo
406Tooth Fairy Jackpot
407Out of Anesthetic
408Thanksgiving Poem
409Its to hot!
410Fighter Jets
411Air Traffic Control
412I chop wood
413Plane Food
414Airport Shuffle
415Airports & Mistletoe
416Alcohol & Worms
417Tax Forms
418Bravo Charlie
419No Shots Please
420You must have a good camera
421In shape women
422Ministers & Spirits
423Something from the bible
424Animal Noises
426Other Women
427Answering Machine
428Im a Turkey
429A Turkey With Six Legs
430New Evidence
432Packers Vs. Vikings
434Rude Parrot
435Steven Wright Quotes
437Area 51
438Gallery showing
439Paintings Worth
440Help me Officer!
441Outside Assistance
442Border Control
443Working out at the Gym
445Tigers at the Zoo
446Picking up a Car
447Car Salesmen
448Drinks for Everyone
449Does Santa Exist?
450Hit It Over The Tree
451Baby Crying
452Fishing With Your Sister
453Santa's Bad Dau
455Backseat Drivers
456Horrible Day at Work
457Naughty Language
458Sick Birds
459Contempt of Court
460Dieters Christmas
461My Knee Hurts
462Tough Luck
463Bad Drummer
464Bad Shape
465The Bakery
466$5000 loan
467Whats Your Bank Name?
468Thank The Lord
469Whats With The Nuts?
470Pediatrician Check-Up
471In the Bar
472Star Spangled Banner
473Vampire Bats
474Purchasing a Scale
475Alaskan Warnings
476What Are You Doing Mommy?
477Take the Stairs
479Guess Who
481The Best Guide
482The Bet
483Girl of Your Dreams
484One Two Three Four
485New Years Dinner
486Huge Store Opening
487Huge Wave
488Not Much of a Man
489Birth Certificate
490Water Guns
491Do You Remember?
493Terrible Date
494Airport Baggage Claim
495Every Name In The Book
496Textbooks For Sale
497Talking Frog
498Far Far Away



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